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Artist Statement

As a composer, my responsibility is to translate. Translate our everyday emotions into an understandable piece of art. Translate personal struggles into a comprehendible soundscape that can be felt universally. Translate visually astounding spectacle into equally immersive audio experiences.  As a composer, although not everyone can share the same perceptions, my responsibility is to translate my perception of life into music.

All About Donavan Walker

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Donavan Walker loves to harness and tell a story to his audience through his composition skills and imagination. While growing up in the small town of Lancaster California, Donavan has found music to be the perfect outlet to express himself and take his listeners on an auditory ride. Always expressed himself in the music he listened to as well as played in his early years of playing the drums and percussion starting in Middle School. He began writing music after playing in the Eastside High School drumline. Donavan would learn to play the marching tenor drums during the fall quarter of his freshman and grow to be a part of the varsity drumline’s front ensemble the following winter quarter. This involvement and dedication to the marching percussion world inspired Donavan to become a composer. Starting with marching percussion shows and pieces intended for wind ensemble, He got admitted into the University of California Santa Barbara as a part of the College of Creative Studies. Today he is working towards a bachelor's degree in Music composition. Walker's storytelling is not limited to this one outlet of music. He has worked in the production world, making beats for small artists looking to share their passion for music. Staying in the production world, Donavan is a lyricist as well as a producer. He has created songs entirely based on his lyrics and instrumentals. Using other singers to execute the vision and story built by Walker. Using different sounds and ensembles as his guide to different worlds and emotions. Although early in his career, Walker composed a piece for Dustin Donahue, a frequent percussionist in the International Contemporary Ensemble. Walker was also recently a part of the 2023 Texas New Music Festival, where he premiered his piece "Sound Therapy" as well as a piece for Carnegie Hall performing Flutist Meg Griffith. With the world as his canvas, Donavan Walker is working hard to paint the ears of millions using his music.

Donavan Walker
Donavan Walker



Eastside Highschool

August 2017 - June 2021

At Eastside High school I generated my love and passion for music. Being apart of the Marching band program, particularly the drum-line, I began composing my own music on my free time. As I improved in musical skill and rank, eventually becoming the drum captain, my compositions began to rise in quality. Thus granting me the privilege of graduating from Eastside and proceeding with my musical career in college.

University of California- Santa Barbara

July 2021 - June 2025

Currently majoring in music composition at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I plan on gaining my bachelor's degree by the year 2025 and continuing into my career in music composition. I specifically enjoy writing cinematic pieces, singer/songwriter pieces, and Marching ensemble pieces (Indoor drum line, marching band, Cadences). I am not exclusive to these categories and am open to attempting new genres to widen my range of compositions.

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